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October 29th - November 6th, 2020

@ Tokyo International Forum+ Online

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10月30日(金) 10:00-10:40 Hall B7-1

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Keynote #2 Innovation Through Inclusivity: How to Build an Inclusive Culture

The race for talent and innovation is on. As the rate of change accelerates, companies can survive and thrive by leading with purpose, embracing change and fostering collaboration. Millennials and Generation Z demand inclusive cultures, and research shows it boosts bottom-line results. Businesses that value diverse perspectives, set a clear mission for ALL their stakeholders and offer employees a more fulfilling work/life balance will attract and retain valuable talent. In this unique keynote--which will have two viewing options since it is customized by gender--you will learn key variables in the Inclusivity Equation to grant you a competitive edge. Keynote speaker Jennifer Willey will share findings from a new, exclusive survey conducted in partnership with Comexposium, of how Japanese professional men and women in Marketing and Ad Tech approach work differently, to shed a new perspective on how gender dynamics in corporate culture.

Attendees will:
・Understand the latest research on how diverse teams are accelerating growth and returns
・Recognize the differences between men and women as it relates to mindset and behavior in Japan
・Review case studies of best-in-class companies getting it right and their positive results
・Leave with strategies to build more inclusive teams for their own companies and themselves


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