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October 29th - November 6th, 2020

@ Tokyo International Forum+ Online

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Tatsuyuki Tohei New
Hakuhodo Inc. / SIX Inc.
Creative Strategist / UX Designer
Advertising Brand Creative Marketing SaaS

Born in Kanagawa, Japan in 1991. He specializes in planning that syncs "brand purpose" with both consumer and social needs, transcending the boundaries of strategy and creativity.

He has systematized this style as the "PJM Method" to develop brand actions based on the purpose, and has put it into practice for many of his clients. He also conducts a lot of seminars.

In addition to advertising, he is an expert in service, product, and business development, most recently leading the development of a stock investment service, the UX design of the IoT product, and the development of a management philosophy for business integration.

A two-meal-a-day type, always on the lookout for something delicious. He is in love with the innovation and imagination of food.


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[TB4] Is Japanese "Purpose-Driven" in Management Perspective?


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