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October 29th - November 6th, 2020

@ Tokyo International Forum+ Online

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Yosuke Seki New
PENCIL Co., Ltd.
R&D Department Manager / Oversea Department General Manager
CRM Marketing Sustainability

Yosuke Seki is an entrepreneur, a skilled "motsunabe" chef and an experienced digital marketer who has worked across multiple marketing disciplines both as a business owner and a consultant.

Ever since his joining in PENCIL in 2015, Yosuke has executed full-funnel digital strategies including marketing, online advertising, UI/UX and CRM for some of the largest and most valuable brands in Japan. He took the initiative in developing cross-border eCommerce services into the Asian market.

As rebranding or DX aiming to transform the traditional E-commerce practice to the D2C model becoming mainstream, Yosuke founded Nippon DtoC Support Committee and hosted the very first D2C conference in Japan - DtoC Summit 2020.


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[NE1] Learning from Leading D2C's Branding Practices


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